massey ferguson 240

Functionality and Comfort of Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors

Today Massey Ferguson 240 is a tractor that is rightfully considered a legend. This is one of the most popular and most economical tractors with an engine power of 50hp. The MF 240 is unique in that it combines everything a modern farmer needs: comfort, maneuverability, high productivity and low cost.

240 s Massey Ferguson belongs to the class of small specialized vehicles, characterized by high tractive power (maximum 1734 kg.) And relatively low travel speed. The MF 240 is a versatile and easy-to-use workhorse suitable for a wide range of agricultural and construction tasks. The Massey Ferguson tractor can be used both for moving and for transporting goods over long distances. Tractor wheels are safe for asphalt pavement, and therefore this technique can be used in the city.

One of the distinguishing features of the MF 240 tractor is its compactness. The length of the tractor is 3.26 m and the width is only 1.651 m. The design is made in the classic red and black color scheme for Massey Ferguson tractors. Inside, a comfortable soft driver’s seat is installed, providing the highest possible level of comfort. The springs located under the seat are designed to dampen most of the vibration, making the MF 240 a pleasant experience regardless of the amount of time in the saddle. If required, the tractor can be fitted with a ROPS cab or fiberglass sun canopy.

The Massey Ferguson wheeled tractor has hydrostatic steering and differential mechanical brakes. The MF 240 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 2.5 liter, 3-cylinder Perkins engine that has a maximum power of 50hp at 2,250 rpm and maximum torque at 1,400 rpm. is equal to 212 Nm. The engine operation is optimized in terms of the most efficient fuel consumption, depending on the increase in load, speed, etc.

The MF 240’s manual dual-clutch transmission gives the MF 240 an unrivaled ride. Even when working on uneven ground, external vibrations are kept to a minimum. On average, fuel consumption on MasseyFerguson tractors is reduced by 8-10% due to the dual clutch transmission. Gear type – sliding (frictional) Spur, 8 forward and 2 back.

The hydraulics of the Massey Ferguson 240 are equipped with a fully independent rear PTO of 540 rpm. and provides the maximum lifting capacity of the attached equipment from the lowest horizontal point equal to 1415 kg. The power take-off is capable of delivering 41 hp as much as possible.

The MF 240 has a 3-point rear linkage II / I of the “top-link” type, which has proven itself among the tractors of this series for many years. The volume of the tractor fuel tank is 47.7 liters, the capacity of the hydraulic system is 32.6 liters.


The tractor is equipped with the following standard equipment: tachometer, hour meter, fuel level control sensor, battery status and water temperature indicator. Stabilizers, flat top fenders, standard toolbox and hinged frame are also standard.
Depending on the configuration, the 240 s Massey Ferguson is produced with 2WD or 4WD wheelbases, 76.1 and 77 inches, respectively. The tire size for a 2WD base is 6.00-16 at the front and 13.6-28 at the rear. Accordingly, the tire size for a 4WD base is 10.5 / 80-18 and 14.9-24.

If desired, the MF 240 can be expanded. Components such as PTO roller, PTO, front weights, rearview mirror, hydraulic reel, tractor trailer hook are supplied separately.

  1. The perfect combination of compactness and performance;
  2. Dual clutch, which provides reduced fuel consumption and smooth operation when changing gear;
  3. The proven top-link three-point linkage system for years;
  4. The ability to select a complete set depending on the tasks;
  5. Availability of spare parts and additional parts;
  6. Relatively low prices;

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